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Re: Those who go to chiro for their kids

Originally Posted by CountryChicMama View Post
Do you take daily vitamins/supplements or probiotics? I view those along the same lines as chiropractics. While I have a functioning body/immune system without them, I feel they help my body/immune system perform at it's optimal level.

And I completely agree with the second bolded to an extent. I'd like to think most chiros have an end goal when it comes to treating an illness/problem, but I guess when your practice involves keeping the spine correctly aligned and our everyday movements cause it to shift constantly, there are sometimes needs for maintenance visits.

Sorry for the thread hijack, OP.
Actually, I do not take supplements just for the sake of taking them. I take specific supplements (Vit D in particular) due to an actual diagnosed deficiency. When I was pregnant/nursing I took other supplements due to the increased demand on my body and because I had difficulty eating a diet that I believed to be sufficiently balanced in those nutrients. However, on a week to week basis I eat a well balanced diet and therefore see no need to spend $$ on vitamins and trace minerals that are simply being excreted because they are not needed.

As far as our everyday movements causing our bodies to shift -- they were designed to move. I do not believe it is necessary to have someone "correct" something that is natural and part of our body's design. If something is causing an actual problem, well then I think a person can and should see someone to correct it. But, the idea that the spine needs to be adjusted due to every day life is not something I believe in.
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