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Re: NEED a tomato sauce recipe made from fresh tomatoes!

To be honest, I mostly make things up as I go along.... but I've been using tom's like crazy here since I bought 20 lbs the other day. For a tom sauce (over spaghetti or something), I'd just cut some toms & toss in the blender/food processor (that does liquids) & add some misc things like garlic, onion, pepper, etc (most veggies would do well in the sauce). Then I'd transfer it to the stove in a pot & cook it down, add some other things like oregano, salt, pepper, basil maybe. And I'd also add more onions, peppers, etc but chopped up to make a chunky sauce. Just cook it down to the consistency that you prefer or even add something to help thicken it like I use xanthum gum, but I'm sure you could use a flour or something. GL HTH

PS Ohhh and mushrooms! I love them in my sauces.
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