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Originally Posted by itslilma
First off, I want to thank all the moms on this board for all the encouragement, but today I am feeling a bit defeated.

Let me give a little BG, My edd is the 30th, this is my 3rd ob I have switched to because like most of us on this board we want a vbac.

36 week appt Dr. had to ask me what # birth this was and I told him 4 and we are trying for a vbac. He said ok and then followed up by "well we dont know what size baby will fit thru your bottom, so we will see and at your next appt we will do a u/s to determined weight and check for dilation." My dh gave me an eyebrow raise and I felt the same way.

37 week appt, I saw the NP because dr was on vacation and she came in the room all bubbly and was talking to me about attempting a vbac and said that the Dr. was "top notch" and "very supportive," so I was feeling great when I left.

Well yesterday, was my 38 week checkup and the Dr. pops in and first thing he says is "we have your rcs scheduled for next Monday the 25th" I said Nooooooooo, noooooooo I am trying for a vbac and he said "ok, ok, I know I was looking at your chart before I came in so, it is you thats on the schedule. Just relax, its eaiser to take you off the schedule then you put you on." My heart felt like it sunk. I know he saw the expression on my face. I then asked what labor signs should I be on the look out for and if there was anything I can do to help progress. He said "well your water breaking, contractions 2-5 minutes apart." He then wrapped up the appointment and gave me my paper to checkout. No u/s and no pelvic check.

At checkout, the receptionist wanted to schedule my appt for the 25th, I said I work 4x10's and have Friday off, so I scheduled for the 29th.

I know that makes my appointment's 11 days apart, but I feel like I cant show my face at that place because he is trying to throw the knife at me. Ive been just a chart number and he really doesn't care if I have a vbac or not and clearly doesn't remember what happened from one appt to another. I know that I will not show up for my rcs on the 25th and there is no medical reasons proving that I need a rcs. Labs, weight, bp all have been perfect.

About 20 minutes ago, I decided to call the hospital scheduling to see if I was in fact on the schedule, and I was told that its against hippa rules to give out that information and I needed to contact my dr. I was overly nice and said I wanted to be prepared and the office didn't give me any instructions on eating, time, or if I am truly scheduled..ect.. and the woman said well I cant tell you anything, but whats your name? I told her and she said well you're all good and good to go. That was her way of telling me that yes, I am on the schedule and she followed up by saying they will call me after 5pm on Sunday with prep instructions. So, my dr never canceled the appt. and Im sure the staff wouldn't have made the appt in the first place without his consent.

I would love some feedback.
I would be SO PISSED!!!! Omg change to a midwife right away! I am sorry ur having to stress over this
U will do fine and get ur vbac don't worry. Ur determination is key to getting what u want.
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