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Selective Vaccine Exemptions?

I'm sure this has been covered somewhere here, but I'm too lazy to keep looking.... DD starts Pre-K on Monday, and it says in her handbook that she is required to get the flu shot and the chickenpox shot. I'm not very happy about that, those are two we have selectively opted out of. However, I live in IL and all I can find is a form for "Religious Exemption" and, well, I doubt they will buy that since we DO selectively vaccinate. Religious exemption to me is an all-or-nothing thing, you're either against them going in to your body or you aren't. Am I overthinking it? Has anyone who selectively vax'd dealt with this before, and do I have any other options?

FYI - I am not here to debate why I have opted out of those two vaccines, only to find out the answer to my specific question. Thank you!
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