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Originally Posted by mcpforever
When I was in junior high, kids mainly got paddled for fights. It was over and done with. Now, they call the police.
I'm in Louisiana, and it's legal here, which I hate. My LO is only 3 mos, so I'm hoping this changes before she goes to school. I was spanked as a child, certainly ever abused. I wasn't scarred for life or anything, but I recall it as humiliating. It hurt my feelings more than it hurt my tushy, and I still feel somewhat resentful about it.

Anyway, I'm a juvenile PO, and most of my cases originate as referrals from the school. A lot of times, the child was given a choice: accept a paddling and go back to class... or refuse and have the police called. I feel awful for those kids, especially if a fight was what started the issue. I always want to ask the principal, "Let me get this straight... Little Johnny here hit another kid, and when he refused to let YOU hit HIM to show HIM how wrong it is to hit others, you called the police? Brilliant."
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