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Originally Posted by mandalaca
Thanks for the congrats, he is such a great addition to our zoo (we also have five pets, lol!)

Agreed that more researchers should acknowledge the continuum, but most of the studies this Williams demographer looked at were pretty comprehensive in that there were lots of options for people to check, etc, and I feel pretty confident that his numbers were consistent w the # of _self-identified_ non-hetero individuals. He also discusses studies that show more like 9-11 or so percent have had same sex relations previously although are not in any way queer identified now, which may be where the 1 in 10 number comes from.

Anyway, an interesting are most all sexuality, gender, demography issues to me

Glad to find this thread.

Btw, anyone take their LOs to any Pride events in pride-y dipes? I had two rainbow ones and DS got sooo many compliments on them... I think I interested one queer mom in CDing bc of them
What is a queer mom? Is that the same as lesbian?
I am straight married with one daughter and one step daughter but I say as long as someone is happy and not harming another live and let live
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