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Re: Introducing Sippy Cup...

I started with a playtex training one with a straw that let you squeeze the bottom so that you could force liquid up the straw. So, she can sort of drink out of a straw. Last week, she suddenly was a champ at regular sippy cups. She's 10.5 months, and I'm hoping to have her at least mostly off the bottle at a year too. Maybe your DD will just suddenly understand them too. Although, Ivy isn't great at holding it herself yet, she doesn't quite understand the whole tip it back thing... so she still needs help, but she can suck the liquid out!

Also, I started giving her 1/3 juice, 2/3 water so that it would be tastier than formula and that helped her get more interested too. She's not to the place where I could sub out a bottle, she doesn't drink a ton yet.
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