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Sick or allergic? Doc or no?

My dd is 8.5 months old. We are loosely doing BLW, but she also has baby food (b/c we are on WIC and the baby food is free...). Anyway, I am not sure if dd is maybe sick or allergic to something she's eaten. She has terrible diarrhea for 2 days now. Last night she was puking a ton, but she has reflux, so she always pukes, so I can't tell whether it's reflux puke or sick puke. make sense? She's had bananas (both baby food and real ones), baby food apples and pears, baby food squash, baby food apples and some kind of berry (it was purplish but don't remember exactly what it was), and some other people food, but can't remember it all. She did have eggs, but that was more like a week ago, and her mouth and chin instantly turned red and then I took the eggs away thinking it might be an allergic reaction. But the eggs was long before the diarrhea. I also nurse so could be something I ate too, but I don't think I ate anything I don't normally eat. None of my kids, myself, or dh have any allergies to anything at all, so I didn't think she would either.

SOO basically I am trying to figure out if she is actually sick or if she's allergic to something. And should I take her to the doctor? I go back to work Weds and want her all better by then. She will be home with daddy, so don't need to worry about her infecting anybody if she is sick, but you know, mommy's want to be with their babies when they aren't feeling good. It's the diarrhea that is most bothering me/her. She screams and screams and her butt is bright red. I've been leaving her diaper off as much as possible to help.

Any ideas? Also, should I stop feeding her any food, baby food or real food, until she heals up? We just started feeding her food (babyfood and real food) in the last 2 weeks.
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