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I haven't read a single response, because vax threads usually get long and stress me out.

I will say that I have obtained religious exemptions twice, in two different counties in Alabama.

Both times it was easy peasy. YMMV.

I walked into the health dept, said I needed a religious exemption. The front desk clerk calls someone over and asks if they can print one up. They do. The fill in the blank where it says parent, child, date and which vaccines are being covered under the exemption. If its all, like in our case, they check the box that says "all".

Then, the worker says she must "counsel" me. All this involves is her telling me that if there is a vaccine preventable outbreak at my child's school they can force my child to stay home for the duration of the outbreak and up to two weeks after.

I nod, and roll my eyes.

She then stamps and signs the paper. I can't even remember if I have to sign it. I think not.

I hand it in with my child's enrollment papers, such as his birth certificate and proof of residence, etc.

No one, at the health dept or the school / daycare, has ever batted an eye or questioned me.
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