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Originally Posted by lil'mommakaye
I would get it checked out. that is what my DSs brown recluse spider bite looked like.I would use a marker or pen and draw around the redness so the Dr can see if it has got worse from tonight till you see the Dr. FX all is ok! My sons got bad and they had to scrape it out. it was the size of a quarter in just 24 hours! We went to the Dr the day before and they sent us away with nothing thinking it was just a bug bite that got infected and the next day is was WAY WORSE and he had to have it scraped out and antibiotic shots in his leg!
With Brown recluse bites the skin usually starts dying and turning black from the poison. If it was a BR bite the black would have already been showing by now. It would be more like a hole or and indentation instead of a swollen/puffy bump
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