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Re: Reflux in toddlers

Hard mattresses (not firm but hard like pnp mattresses) can make reflux worse. PNP was the worst investment ever, my son couldn't tolerate the mattress. Don't feed her before bedtime if you can help it; if you must then try to lessen the amount. They will probably try a lesser drug like Zantac then move to a PPI (Prevacid, Nexium etc) if that fails. A ped should be fine especially if you want to be seen right away. Pediatric GI's rarely have appointments withing a couple of days time (most book at least 6 weeks out here) but a pediatrician can usually see a child same day. Although you may want to go ahead a reserve an appointment with a ped GI just in case. You can always cancel if the ped gets it under control in time. Reflux is very painful so you may want to try Tylenol or Motrin (be careful with Motrin if you suspect dehydration since it is processed through the kidneys) before bedtime until you can get her some relux meds. No child should have to suffer pain. We have a pain protocol worked out with my son's pediatric GI.

Don't worry about teeth rotting out. My son has severe GI issues and has had reflux since infancy (he will be 8yo this month). For a period of several months during infancy the only thing my son didn't projectile vomit was pedialyte, how I avoided having to put him back on TPN (IV feeds) I don't know but I did. There is zero damage to his enamel. His pediatric dentist said it is rare to see severe damage unless it goes unmedicated for a very long time which IMO would probably be unlikely because most kids show some type of symptom eventually even if not right away.
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