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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Thank you peacefulj for sharing your story. I will honor your request to keep the thread upbeat but I would love to read more of your story if you do share it. What a journey you've had.

I'm very excited to report that my DH seems to be coming back to wanting more!! I hadn't brought it up in a serious way in a long time and I've even started telling people "Maybe" when they ask if this will be our last baby. Well, we were at a family wedding over the weekend and when someone asked that I simply said "We just take it one at a time." but DH chimed in with "Ah, we might have another." His work situation has been killer and with his commute he's gone 12 hrs a day. He decided to take a 6 week paternity leave when I have the baby and I think the relief of knowing he'll get a break soon has helped already. I figured that stress was the main reason he was saying that maybe this should be our last baby. What a blessing for him to even hint that he's open to more!
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