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Re: Reflux in toddlers

Definitely try to see a pediatric GI, although you'll likely be able to get into see your pediatrician son's GI books initial appointments 6-8 weeks out, first follow-up appointments 3 months out (books at your first appointment), and books yearly follow-up appointments at least 6 months in advance. Bed propping can help and watching diet is BIG thing, every person has different "trigger" foods.

ODS was on Zantac from about 4 weeks old, it helped a little when he was much younger, but by 8 months old it wasn't working...with our insurance, we could not see a ped. GI without a referral, and our pediatrician at the time was a jerk, pretty much refused to believe that a child with "infantile reflux" couldn't NOT outgrow reflux by around 6 months old, and he refused to renew DS's medication after 8 months. We did the elevated bed thing when he was in the crib (and yeah, hard mattresses in a PNP seemed to make it worse) and let him start sleeping propped up on a pillow when he was about a year old. He essentially nursed through the night until he was almost 2 because that constant swallowing motion was the only thing that kept him feeling better--ped insisted that it was just a bad habit and he wasn't in pain, but throwing a temper tantrum, tried night weaning, didn't help. With a careful diet, his symptoms were cut down significantly by 2.5 years old...he could only drink skim or 1% milk, no chocolate, no "gassy" vegetables, no tomatoes or tomato products, no cheese...we also noticed that higher yeast content homemade breads seemed to aggravate his reflux, as did white breads & pastas (that wasn't really a big deal at our home because we do whole wheat everything, but it was a pain in the butt at DH's parents' home) ...essentially he was on the full-out reflux diet. Around 3.5, he started waking at night, screaming...ped insisted it was night terrors...but DH & I could tell it was reflux symptoms, the gulping sound (like he was starting to have stuff come up and he was swallowing it in his sleep), where he was complaining of pain, etc...I pretty much walked into the ped's office, sat in the waiting room, and told him I wasn't leaving until he gave me a GI referral...finally got one. DS ended up on a pretty high dose of Prevacid for almost a year to help heal damage to his throat & stomach, and now at 6 years old he's finally not on it everyday...we do keep it on hand for when he eats his trigger foods though, and still have to monitor his diet pretty carefully.

And his baby teeth? Oh my, they're horrible. He's already had 8 fillings, all in his back teeth from there pretty much being no enamel. Before he went on prevacid, he had sealants put on his back teeth, and when we went back in to a different dentist 6 months later, they couldn't see any evidence that there had EVER been any there...but I watched them put the sealants on, and it was all over his records that they had been put on...that dentist pretty much thought I was an idiot, put more on, and when we came back in another 6 months, guess what? Yeah, you couldn't tell. His reflux was so bad it was just eating through everything. His new dentist says its obvious that there was significant enamel damage from reflux, and we're just hoping that his adult teeth are better because the reflux is under control now.
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