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Re: Wishes for this pregnancy

Originally Posted by weesej View Post
Ditto what Mandy said. I want a baby that comes out on its own. I also hope I don't get cholastasis this time around and also don't gain massive amounts of weight.

So we have more than 1 ICP survivor on here That is an unlikely occurance! I have had cholestasis twice, in pregnancy #6 and #7...but did not get it in #8 I hope youdon't get it again...and so do I.

My one hope was to avoid gestational diabetes (it is what causes the ICP in me as well) However my blood sugars have skyrocketed in the last week, so I have it earlier than ever. 1 month ago I did the glucose test and had 138 at 1 hour. Yesterday I ate a no-no breakfast for me, within my carb limit but all simple carbs and had 190....WAY to high. My fasting sugars over the last few days have been around 120 Not under 90. At least I am vindicated that I am NOT a type 2 diabetic.
That IS rare! My mother had it as well. I was lucky enough that it struck at about 35 weeks so I only had to wait two weeks out before my induction. But of course, inductions suck just as much. It's promising that you have only had it with two of your children at this point. I certainly hope it stays that way.

Honestly, I had absolutely no clue that it was a serious as it was. My mothers midwife told her it was a hormone allergy and she went to full term until her water broke. My goodness, one of us could have died! So when I started itching I thought nothing of it until I read in one of my books how bad it actually is.
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