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i didn't have a place to pump at my work either this time around. so i just talked to HR about it and asked if they could find me a place. you don't have to try and scramble around to find something that will work, although i'm sure that they would appreciate suggestions. i work in a "cube farm" though, with the 1/2 wall cubes, so it's not private at all. and i'm not comfortable pumping under a cover with everyone else around. since i couldn't think of anything, i just asked the HR lady, and they found me a place. it IS a bathroom, but it's got just 1 single stall, and then a larger locker room type area. and no one uses it cause it's out on the production floor and there aren't any women working out there. the only reason i know about it is because it's where i used to go puke when i was pregnant so no one would hear me but they put a lock on the door and a nice, comfy chair. they were really great about it! just ask. it can't hurt. you don't need to go in informing them of your rights, they probably know. obviously, if they give you trouble pull the "these are my rights!" card. but otherwise, they should be accomodating
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