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Re: Mama's in Germany, Bawu, Hessen, Bayern, its getting warm outside...

Thanks for the helpful info everyone!

Liz, I will definitely pass along any tips I come up with, if I have any. Though I won't have too much time to test things before your little one comes along. I expect we'll be going through the learning process together!

We have really hard water too, and our washer is a typical European front loader, so I'm curious to see what the water level ends up like when washing diapers.

Oh, I have tried searching some German sites for information about detergent for cloth diapers. It's a big topic on those sites as well. I'm not sure how your German is (mine's so-so), but here are a couple threads in a German forum.

Thread 1 - "Waschmittel"

Thread 2 - "schon wieder waschmittel...... ;-)"

Here are some of the names I've come across in my German thread searches (in no order whatsoever):
- Ulrich natürlich Waschmittel (mit Seifenkraut)
- Rockin Green (I think they have it shipped, which is crazy expensive!)
- TotsBots Potion
- Sonett (in purple bottle?)
- Ecover
- Blauer Planet
- DM Microfaser-Waschmittel
- Freddy Leck (I haven't been able to find this online, the pages seem to redirect to Almawin Pulver, so maybe the name has changed?)
- (Waschsoda - this isn't a detergent, but people mention combining it with other detergents, and you can use it to make your own detergent, I believe. It's technically different from "baking soda". I've seen it at DM.)

Some sites that sell some of the harder to find detergents:
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