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Re: Dehydrator Recipes

I have one here too & just started using it a lot. One of the things we do the most is use it for making yogurt. It's really easy to set it at 110 for the night & not thing about it. We just use a silver milk bucket to do it (with all trays removed).

My kids love fruit roll ups that I make in it. Do you have those shiny sheets too? I coat them with a little EVCO or EVOO & then spread a past of pureed fruit on it (just pureed in the blender & if it's too liquidy, either thicken with xanthum or cook it down a little). Then just pop it in for a few hours & it'll be done. I love that the kids can have a healthy snack like that for school too. It's easy to store them by putting on wax or parchment paper & rolling up. I keep them in the fridge just b/c I don't put anything in them to preserve & don't want to worry about issues with mold, etc.
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