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Re: ISO:Mama Cloth,BGs,Grovia,Sbish,Fitteds IHA:GMs, AIOs, Wool, Mama and Baby Girl S

Originally Posted by lrpeedin View Post
Sorry, I am very new at this but I have 8 of the BG Large(this is what you are looking for right?), I guess they are pocket/AIOS they are the pockets that have the sewn in insert inside the pocket. I am new to CDing we are just working on our stash for our first baby due in december(girl) and got these in a lot with a bunch of others. I dont really know how to evaluate the condition other than to say the insides/outsides are stain free, they are aplix and above the loop side velcro there is some pilling and the tabs are starting to curl on a few. If you would like pictures I can take pictures and send them, and maybe you could give me better advice on how to market them(condition wise) if you aren't interested.
Thank you, but I'm actually looking for fitteds, not AIOs.
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