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Re: Would you be interested in these?

Originally Posted by Leiiki View Post
Wow, looks like alot of folks with similar ideas! Some follow up questions:

-Does the upcycled material factor make you more likely to purchase one version of a similar product over another made with all-new materials?

-Do you think anyone will want the squeakers? I like including them because DD loves her squeak bag and it doesn't bother me, but DH thinks most people won't like the noise.

-Do you think my pricing seems fair? From the Etsy results, it looks like I am making generally larger bags and offer a few unique features. I used the formula of cost + labor x 2, which I understand is pretty common?
I'm going to be honest, please don't take it as rude, k?

1. I-Spy bags have been around for a lonnnnngggggg time and generally are price between $10-$15.

2. I like the handle on yours, and the squeaky toy will make it very appealing to children, but maybe not so much the parent. I'm soon to be a mother of 5 children, can you imagine 5 of those squeakers going off all at once?

3. The larger the bag the heavier they will be for young children to manipulate.

4. I'm not into re-purposed material for childrens toys b/c children like to chew on things and you just never know where the fabric has been.

Overall, I really like the idea of the handle on the bag, the fabric is cute, and I'm iffy on the squeakers lol Maybe you can set that as optional? The handle adds a nice new take on the I-spy bag!

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