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Re: AUGUST 2011 chat--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

So is anyone one else "over" cloth diapering.

I have been cding since Blu was 6 months old and at different points have had 2 in diapers. Well now that we hit 1 with Peyton I am not sure I want to continue.

I started it with Blu bc the gels from the sposies were always all over him and I did not like the chemicals. Well I have been looking into The Honest Comapany diapers and they look great BUT since I have been cding I now find it ridiculuous to pay $80 a month for diapers and wipes.

Not sure what I will do yet. Peyton is in Earth's Best diapers atm bc I told dh I do not want to cd while mil was here. He was like I do not understand the connection. I said, "one less load of laundry or less thing I have to worry about whilr she is here."

Hopefully Peyton will PT by tomorrow--LOL!
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