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Cool Is everyone getting ready!?!

I have my last prenatal payment to make tomorrow; yay that!
I am getting my list of supplies and the info to order my birth kit at my prenatal tomorrow.

I ordered the carseat and a new mattress cover for my bed; I delayed ordering the birth pool, but probably ought to...just can't decide. I had a water birth with my third, but in spite of having the pool set up, I didn't even get in with my last birth. Still, it's probably good to have just in case. And the kids got a pool out of it, lol. Okay, I talked myself into it, hee.

My biggest problem is that I dont' want to spend my money on birth supplies...I want to spend it on dipes! AHHHHH!!! Tell me to run away!

I also ordered a journal for baby...I don't scrapbook anymore and I like to write, so I bought a cute blue leather journal with a dragon fly embossed on it to write my thoughts and our experiences.

I also have a honey do list on the fridge of things we need to have done before the middle of Sept. Stock up on a few groceries, clean out the car really well, get rid of a bit of clutter still hanging around, wash baby clothes, ect. ect.

So, what are you doing to get ready? Or are you ready, already?
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