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Re: AUGUST 2011 chat--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
So is anyone one else "over" cloth diapering.

I have been cding since Blu was 6 months old and at different points have had 2 in diapers. Well now that we hit 1 with Peyton I am not sure I want to continue.

I started it with Blu bc the gels from the sposies were always all over him and I did not like the chemicals. Well I have been looking into The Honest Comapany diapers and they look great BUT since I have been cding I now find it ridiculuous to pay $80 a month for diapers and wipes.

Not sure what I will do yet. Peyton is in Earth's Best diapers atm bc I told dh I do not want to cd while mil was here. He was like I do not understand the connection. I said, "one less load of laundry or less thing I have to worry about whilr she is here."

Hopefully Peyton will PT by tomorrow--LOL!
the idea has crossed my mind. was doing just fine with it, then bought a small pack of disposibles when we stayed at a hotel for a few days. didn't use them all, so used the left overs as overnighters...then bought another small pack for wayne to use because kezia is too wiggly for him to snappi...then another small pack cuz I liked it too. oh dear. i'm trying to force myself back into it, we are so broke with poor spending choices lately that I would hate to spend money on something that gets thrown away so fast. (no super big spending or extravegant itmes, just too much eating out...and the birthday party ended costing more than I planned). anyway, going to try and keep at it with the cloth diapers. but, if we get caught up on bills next year and are spending more wisely, I may switch back for my sanity.
when I'm caught up on laundry it isn't too bad, but I'm probably only caught up with laundry once a week if I am lucky.
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