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Re: New chat thread--come in, come in!

Originally Posted by dannic View Post
I always measure ahead at the end...I haven't had an appt for 5 weeks, so it'll be interesting to see where I am this time.
I had a lady at church say, "please tell me you are due soon!"
Well, thanks alot. I lied and said next month...well, I could have him next month since I'm due the 5th and had my last 2 weeks early. Even "the end of next month" sounds better than October, lol. I don't get why people have to get so hung up on it. I would seriously have a much more relaxing last 6 weeks if everyone would keep their mouth shut!
I'm fairly small, but carry my 8lb babies ALL out in front like giant beach balls... people always think I'm having twins even when I have a month left... I don't think I get that big, but I think people are just not used to seeing really pregnant people since we are only really big for the last months... or don't know how to as you said, "keep their mouth shut" Don't let it bother you
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