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Re: Where to start with a 1 year old?

Originally Posted by Mom2jandb View Post
What? No! Why would someone on the EC forum say that 1 is too young?

I had a potty available for my first DD around 18 months, I think. I just explained what it was for and would ask if she wanted to use it. Most of her experimentation was before bath time when she was naked. I don't have advice on how to do a 1yo because I haven't tried it yet. I currently EC a 2mo... But i would make a potty ( or several) available and learn her cues so you know when she's about to go. Then take her to the pot.
I said what I said from experience & others around me that tried to potty train early. That's y I said we make it naked time but mine calls me poo not tells me she needs to (sign). I got lots of resistence with both if I tried to train b4 they were ready. Others I hear are having night probs. Plus I saw a post on ds that her kid was scared of the potty. I have lotsof experienced mom around me to. Others I hear early ec is mostly parental timing to get kid there to pee or poo.
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