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Here's what I've tried:

Sleepy Wrap (I think this is now called a Boba wrap?) Love for the newborn stage. Love the stretch in the fabric.
Moby- a lot like the Sleepy Wrap but no stretch, I preferred the Sleepy Wrap. Returned.
Ergo- LOVE. Best item I ever got. Just works really well for me. My DH cannot wear it though, he's just too wide in the shoulders.
Deuter backpack carrier- wonderful for hiking, and my DH can wear that one easily.
Hotsling- really cute, but it killed my hip. Returned.
Lillebaby- killed my back, returned.
Baby Nari Hip Hugger- loved the quality but hurt my hip. Returned.

So overall if I could only have one I'd have the Ergo. But I really did like the Sleepy Wrap for the newborn stage, it was wonderful for my little preemie to be all wrapped up against me in those early days.
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