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Re: AUGUST 2011 chat--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Awww !!!!! Happy Birthday little ones!!!!! loving all the pics!!!! cute cute cute!
I miss nursing, but at the same time, it's really nice to just plop him down with a bottle and retrieve it when he's done. We are still in cloth, and there's days I wish we weren't. But I keep sposies around for outings/gma. I counted my stash today, I think I have over 60 dipes. BUT- a good chunk of those are flats and pf's. lol still.

We're planning a bday party for Evan the first wknd of Sept, since he's eom. I've got the menu planned - going to be a hawaiin -ish theme for the food. KU is the party theme. I am knitting a scarf for him right now. I don't really *do* bdays, so not much on buying presents and going all out for party.
We are trying to get stuff done around the house before having company too. oy! still so much to finish.
Trying to get my business off the ground and personal projects done too is proving to be harder than I thought. I really need to focus and get motivated. Not happening right now, that's for sure! lol. So I better unglue myself from the computer and get busy doing stuff.
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