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Send Labor Vibes! *UPDATE*

I was due Friday - and now it's Tuesday. I'm waiting (mostly) patiently, but I had such a good day of contractions yesterday ... and then nothing

Please send labor vibes to me! - vibes to get my labor started, and vibes to get me through my first delivery quickly and easily

I REALLY want to have this little one before the weekend - when my in-laws arrive, baby or not!


UPDATE: Well, at the ob/gyn today still NOTHING had changed from three weeks ago! I am 90% thinned and 1.5 cm, holding steady. SO ...

... but we agreed to do a biophysical profile ultrasound Friday when the in-laws are here. And that way, whether I do go into labor by then or not, they will at least 'see' the baby. Better than nothing!

THANKS for all the good labor wishes and vibes! Keep them coming, please - the week isn't over yet!
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