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Re: Continuing Past 6 Months. Help!!

Sleeping 7 hours seems like a good sign...

I didn't have a great supply with ds, but sufficient. He ate very frequently, but smaller amounts. When I switched to formula at 9 months (I got preggo when he was 8 months and dried up) he could only drink 2 oz at a time...which tells me that is all he was getting from me at a time, which is why he ate so often. He did gradually space out feedings as his stomach capacity increased.

Are you planning on starting solids? DS didn't care for solids, until he was close to a year. DD on the other hand ate like a horse (still does) and gladly took any solids that got in her way.

How many oz of formula is he getting a day?

Sorry, I have more questions than answers...but maybe that will help us get the whole picture. Hang in there, it's not always easy, hopefully someone will have some good answers for you.
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