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Re: New to the "non traditional" world and soooo sad!

I am so very sorry mama My dd's dad also abandoned us and it is a very very hard reality to face. I know this may be a tough thing for you to consider but you may want to seriously think about filing for abandonment at the 1 year no contact point. He would have had to make absolutely no contact though, no calls, cards, letters, emails, texts etc etc. Doing so would ensure that he could not waltz right back into their lives once you ARE settled and disrupt everything you have tried so hard to build back up KWIM? Its a hard thing to think about having to do but it does protect your children in many ways... If my dd's dad had completely cut off contact (wish he would... a "father" who is only there a few times a year does more harm than good) I would have filed and been done with him... Obviously if he had made a real effort I would have helped him with that but what he is doing and what your XDH is doing is NOT a real effort.

Many many hugs... I hope this is helpful... Feel free to pm me if you ever need someone to talk to... Things WILL look up but you've gotta give them time.. Focus on yourself and your kids, learn to love your new family.. enjoy just being you guys and THEN if someone comes into your life, GREAT! I'm 2+ yrs down the road and still single by choice! I would love to be in a relationship but I need to finish healing myself first!
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