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Re: Mamas in Germany, importing baby items and the zoll, help :)

Just FYI you want reciepts on anything with value even if a fit. You dont want reciepts with your name though then its taxed differently.

My mom is a customs jedi. She does a mix of new and used. She always values right around 100 dollars and I never get Taxed.

German law says even if there is a tax but its less then 10 euro it cannot be charged, so while only 45 euro is tax free on gifts it will still be tax free so long as the taxation amount figured is under 10 euro. It takes some math skills if curious I can write out my forumla it of course varies per the euro fluctuation daily so I leave a buffer.

Customs is always super nice, when ever I get anything name brand or of value we include reciepts, but on her packages they have never questioned it.

My dad on the other hand overdeclares likeputting 50 as a value on used items. I always get taxed on his packages. I have tried to explain customs does not care about my used items from my storage shed there is no value, but he isworried that he will get in trouble I guess. I asked customs myself about used items they said write value 0 used sending to owner, my mom does this and never ever had an issue.

I have a few times opened my boxes they looked it saw it was used items or a mix with gifts not of high value and just say ok, no meds right, I say nope and off my merry way.

But customs can mess up always check. Just yesterday I was charged 35 euro on a package that should have been 13 euro tax. The guy added the insured value onto the package value doubling my package value and tripling my tax. Now we had to pay and go in and appeal which should be easy enough since you can see clear as day where the mistake was made, I think I got a apprentice.

On gifts it should always be:
* No tax on shipping
* Up to 45 euro is tax free, but this does not apply to single items, make sure if you send a heafty gift you include at least 2 items, small tip there :P
* I thought 150 euro was the cut off, where they add additional customs taxation but so far this has never happened to me even packages valued over 200 euro
* The tax varies baised on the item but I have always been charged 17.5%
* under 10.00 never billed
* Gifts sent diect to you from a company are treated as a purchase. Only use eu companies. So if daddy orders a ipad from amazon US and it ships direct to you even though it is a gift there is no waiver its taxed liek below. However same ipad on where vat tax is paid does not incur the additional taxation and since shipping is taxed its much cheaper

Convert USD value to euros - 45 euro tax free equals taxable amount times .175 is your tax

When you buy things outside the eu
*Anything over 22 euro is taxed
* 22 euro icludes shipping and shipping is taxed
* If you exceed 22 euro you get no waiver the full value plus shipping is taxed
* taxation varies baised on item I personally plan with 19%
*over 150 does incur additional importation fees
* If an invoice is not supplied on the outside of the package you will need to supply proof of what you paid

purchase price plus shipping covert to euro times .19 is your tax
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