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Re: Mama's in Germany, Bawu, Hessen, Bayern, its getting warm outside...

You want to avoid waschsoda with hard water. For hard water you want calgon.

The problem with doing nothing is the limescale builds up and eventually will ruin your washer. If it has an effect on diapers, I honestly dont know. But it did kill my coffee machine, so now we use entkalker.

I have used dm or rossmann oko sensitiv for almost 2 years.

After some ammonia issues in nighttime fitteds I am following my german cd store friend owners advice to use ullrich naturlich natural entkalker which is supposed to combat ammonia. I got a small bottle to try before ordering 5 liters I also got the laundry soap to try and see if its any better for ds skin.

I use a bit of calgon added to the detergent again you can get store brands at rossmann or dm

a bit of ecover in the final rinse here you up gonna pay up no store brand :P

and on occasion a scoop oxy used to do it every time now I just do sometimes.
I use the color safe store brand from rossmann or dm.
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