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weight gain

I always say I am not going to worry about weight gain but man, it's hard.

I think I have gained 3-4 lbs and am almost 13 weeks. I know 2-5 or whatever in the first trimester is "normal" but i feel like it's so much more than everyone else. It is so hard to control your eating when it's all you can do to not barf. Gah.

With lor i gained 34lbs (but 8 in the first trimester) and it took me FOREVER to lose the freaking weight (over a year). I started at 140 this time.

With michael i gained 24ish and was a few lbs above pre pregnancy weight the next day. I started at 150 this time.

This time i started at 131 so i probably need to gain more weight...why is that so hard to accept?

GAH just had to vent.
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