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Re: !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

Okay.. First, Try to Calm down.

Miranda was climbing out of her crib at 15 months, I broke it down to a toddler bed and Freaked because I assumed she wouldn't stay in her bed.

Not a problem all night.. and it never has been. I've never once found her Spread across her floor like I figured I would.. and it's been a year and a half. lol

But, We NORMALLY don't have Issues. Sometimes there is kicking and hitting and screaming at bedtime.. and it's taken out on her bedroom door. (now i remember why i didn't wanna buy the tinkerbell door. lol) We put a Door knob cover on the inside of her door, so she can't open it, which probably sounds horrible to alot of you, but we do what we have to. She does stay in her bed at bedtime 6 days out of the 7.. we came up with a bedtime Routine, and she's taken to it very well. We brush our teeth, wash our face then we read a story that she picks. then it's time for sleep. and i leave her room, shut the door, and that's the last I heard of her, unless she wants something to drink, but I normally give it to her before we go to bed.

maybe a nice little bedtime routine if you don't have one might help put her to sleep, and keep her there. I can tell ya, it's alot easier reading a bedtime story now that she has a toddler bed. Christmas this year we are moving up to a BIG GIRL BED! I could wait on it, but I wanna do it now and get it over with. I'm nervous about that move, I'm not sure why.. but I'm worried it's going to be challenging. Just like you are worried now.

There could be lots of reasons she's not sleeping well, but the first one that comes to mind is the move you mentioned. Big changes Disrupt alot of things.. I've heard of children that wouldn't eat after moving.. So I guess it could be worse. I'm going to guess this night waking will be short lived, however the crawling out of the crib won't be, and that needs to be done.
It will probably get worse before it gets better simply because moving to a different house and now changing beds, Yeah. but it will get better, I know it's hard to be paitent when you are SUPER tired.

I hope everything gets figured out over there soon.
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