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Re: Question about a glitch in trade

UPDATE: So she still didn't seem to want to pay return shipping so I asked what she had in mind to compensate for the shipping since if I was going to use paypal to send back the shoes I would like to get something I really needed/wanted. She then messaged me pretty irate saying that I'm being unfair asking her to pay to ship new items and ask for her to pay "my" shipping (not really "my" shipping since I would have been happy to keep the shoes if they had been the correct size) just because of a size mistake. Yes a mistake she made, not me. She said she would be out x amount in shipping plus the items (the items I already traded my items to equal). She said that she was being treated unfairly and it would be so much easier if I would just try to trade the shoes or sell them on eBay. Yes so much easier for her (it would mean everything to right this would be on me ). She said it sounded like I wanted to be compensated for the trouble. I messaged back and told her that I know it's frustrating to be out more shipping but how much more frustrating for me to be out more shipping. I do feel I should at least be fairly compensated for the shipping yes and I feel she is expecting me to accept partial responsibility for the mistake when I had nothing to do with it. So I told her that I would just go ahead and pay to ship back the shoes and than how about her shipping X,Y, and Z as replacements and we would call it even. She hasn't messaged back but did read the message early this morning and has been on again since than. Oh boy I'm just ready to be done with this!
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