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Re: who's getting U/S who's deciling?

Originally Posted by Green Decals View Post
We aren't 100% positive, but will probably get one at 20 weeks, maybe... DH just wants to make sure that the placenta is where it needs to be, no obvious cord issues, etc. I am not a fan, and don't do things that aren't necessary, but last pg I ended up getting one at 34 weeks and it was way more involved and longer than the 20 week survey, so in erring on the side of caution, while understanding the risks of ultrasound exposure, we will probably get one.

We also do not have insurance, but I called around to the two free-standing medical imaging centers nearest to us and one charges $470 for a 20-week scan and the other charges $200 (considering their cash discount). The hospitals near us charge over $600. It is worth it to shop around. I would NOT go to one of those "keepsake ultrasound" places - if we do it, it will be to rule out issues and look at anatomy (minus sex) and NOT to get a "keepsake photo" of our unborn baby. I would only consider it at a regulated, trusted medical facility.
I agree here; I almost cringe when I see those 4D photos, thinking of what that must be doing to the baby
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