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Please help, How to pay someone in my home? Childcare.

I am having trouble finding someone to work the hours I need. I have a college student coming Saturday to meet us.

I do not know what to pay her.

She will be driving 30 minutes to get here.
2 children.
Normal days 7-5 Tues and Wed
When husband is out of town 445 to 10 pm. She can either stay and be pd for 24h care or I will work one day that week.
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays she will take my DD to school ( I will pay $10/d extra on school days) and pick her up at 300.

If she cannot work Tues and Wednesdays then I will pay her less. I would like to work while my daughter is at school. It is worth it to me to pay her more.

We live in a rural area, I drive 2.5 hours to work, work 13h x2 and stay the night in the middle but then I am done.

Alternately I can work M and T....


I have considered telling her: $150 a week up to 12 hours a day/2 days a week, hours are variable and if greater than 12 hours in one day we will pay her at a rate of 6 per hour.
Craft budget and all meals included.
.38 c per mile when she takes DD to school.

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