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Nervous about #2...

I hit 38 weeks tomorrow, and go in for a mw visit. I'm dreading the internal check. I don't like the cramping the ensues.

It's hard not to get into your own head about your l&d.

DD #1 was 11 days past EDD and was posterior. 23 hours of labor. Water broke about 4 hours before delivery at the birth center. Didn't have any bad contractions til the real things started.

Now, at 38 weeks, I still am only having BH contractions, but baby is head down and WAY down. And for some reason, the biggest fears that I have are waters breaking in a public place and pooping on the MW. Somehow, I got away with not doing that during labor at all last time.

But it's NERVE WRACKING being this close to due date and not knowing when the baby will come. I guess it's good, though, since we're still not 100% decided on names. We are way better at naming boys than girls, apparently. So I guess it had better be a boy.

Oh, except that we still don't know where we stand with circumcision. :bang head: So in that regard I hope it's a girl. She will just be nameless.

I don't remember being this worried about things with baby 1. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I just being super hormonal? That is definitely a possibility.
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