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Re: March '13 Babies To Do List

I really don't have a lot to do...... this is #6 in an 8 year time span, and I've become quite a "minimalist" as far as baby gear goes. However, we did get rid of quite a bit after DD2, baby #5, was born... thinking we were done.

We're going "team green" this time around. I have a ton of baby boy stuff left over from my boys and today I spent $40.00 on 368pcs of NICE baby girl clothing from NB-9mos! Socks, bibs, onesies, outfits, sleepers galore, blankets, etc.... you name it, it came... MORE than enough stuff to get a baby girl through the first 9 months, all season appropriate. So, girl or boy, he or she is SET as far as the "layette" goes.

We have....
-brand new breast pump. With my last two kiddos, we only did latched-on feedings.. no pump or bottle. But I do have the pump along with a few Playtex Nurser bottles in the event I need them.
-clothes and blankets galore.
-bath chair
-changing table
-diaper bags galore

We plan to buy..
-New carseat
-Playard- we cosleep but I like them to have a desginated place to nap out of the reach of the other kiddos, lol.
-New Beco or Ergo
-New stash of diapers. We did sell off ALL of our diapers almost RIGHT before I found out we were pregnant again and I finally had all kids diaper free.

Annnnnnnd for the big one..... we're gonna need a new vehicle. :/ We have a Chrysler Town and Country as our "family" vehicle right now. 2 captain seats in the middle and a bench seat in the back = family of 7. We're one upping that, so a new ride is a MUST for sure. That will be our tax purchase this year.

Other than that... we're pretty much good & ready, lol.
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