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Dairy Goats (Upstate NY/Canadian Border)

Anyone looking for dairy goats? I just thought I'd go ahead & post here on the off chance that someone is. For more information, photos, etc please contact me I'll happily answer any questions!

I've got eight goats for sale. They are all dairy goats from a dairy in CNY. There are three lactating does, 3 doelings (born in Feb) & 2 intact bucklings (also born in Feb but NOT related to any other goats that we have). One buckling is polled. All does/bucklings were raised by me & DH using CAE preventative measures.

Asking $150 for each lactating doe & $100 each for does/bucklings.

They are all used to a having a LGD, so that's not an issue if you have one. Also, they respect electric fencing. We have several areas for them & have used both hardwired & solar powered. The bucks have been kept in a separate area with cattle fencing & no electric & have never gotten out.

Currently have a doe in heat too, if you are looking to try for babies.

And a side note - while they are dairy & not meat goats, they are still excellent for their meat. We used to have more goats initially, & enjoyed a couple of them at the table (chevon is similar to lamb, but much less fatty).
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