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any advice?

I bought a couple of diapers from a very nice mama at the end of July (I sent pp on the 25th I believe). the first week of August I got a note (I think it was the 3rd) that she had sent me the wrong package and another mama got mine. Sucks, but an honest mistake. She said the other mama would send them back to her and then she would ship them out to me priority (I am in Canada). I have been pming regularly asking for updates as I haven't heard much without prompting and the last I received yesterday was that the other mama had sent them back but she hadn't gotten them yet. I have not received the 'wrong' diapers yet in the mail. She had said I should just send them back return to sender, but I got to thinking, can I do that with an international package? anyone know? How long do I wait for mine to be sent? It is over 3 weeks now since this all started and I am a little nervous. She has been very nice and has good feedback and such, but I am just nervous with this being across the border whether it will go smoothly or not. Can I just send the package return to sender without paying additional shipping (when it actually arrives)?
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