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Re: Weight loss and the scale

muscle weighs more then fat- basically. A pound of muscle is significantly smaller than a pound of fat. I have decided to stop looking at the scale for that reason and because I get the lovely 3-5 lbs of pms bloat. Its very defeating to see that on the scale, even though I know in a week it will be gone again. I am paying more attention to my inches, clothes and look. I am starting to see muscles again and dh asked me if I have been working out a lot more- both of those mean way more to me than the numbers on the scale. I like looking down and seeing a hint of bicep- makes me feel good and strong.

ETA I am a normal weight with a healthy bmi. I think the scale might be more important if I were overweight or my bmi was too high. Or not, who knows. I really think measuring inches is better then weight anyway.
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