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Re: Worst eBay experience ever

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
If you're overcharged for shipping, you can get a refund on the difference. He can only charge actual shipping cost and packaging supplies per eBay rules. So keep that in mind next time.

You can block him via your personal email I know. I'm not sure about eBay and such, though.

I would contact their customer service and provide the harassing messages. He should not be allowed to do that.

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I don't do much on Ebay, but I have several times searched for things and seen ridiculous shipping charges. Like a $10 gift card, with a $25 shipping charge, or a pack of socks with a $15 shipping. How does that work if they are only supposed to charge actual shipping? If you bought something, could you force them to refund you the extra amount?
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