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Re: Question about a glitch in trade *8/15 UPDATE in Post #13*

Oh spoke too soon, she had said keep the shoes and she'll send me a few things still. Okay, great, right? She said she would send me pictures of the items I was interested in. Then all the sudden she says never mind she doesn't want to part with said items Um okay why would you still be offering to send pictures just the last message. Plus these were the items we were talking about the whole time we were trying to get shipping worked out. So now she wants me to take other items I don't really want/need just because she's offering and she had said she would allow me to not send the shoes back. Well that's not fair. But she's saying she's sticking herself out there to offer me items she thought I might like and now she's feeling taken advantage of. WHAT?! She's the one that offered the items she was suppose to be taking pictures of. Now I gave her two options that would work for me but am waiting to hear back. In the mean time I'm going to PM a mod. I am soooooo done with this and just want it to be over. I feel like I'm dealing with a dual personality
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