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Re: Has anyone seen polyamorous: Married and dating?

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
You do! I was looking forward to watching the show and although it is interesting in a "skinamax" sort of way it does not really show the normalcy of a poly family. I have known(casually) 2 poly families in RL and have followed you on here. The show is ALL about sex! They are skipping the daily life. I can't imagine that your home is running like an orgy while you are making lentil rice casserole
Oh my word, no!

That's kinda sad that they're skipping the daily life of these families... I think that would be a bit more interesting to folks than the sex aspect. Or, I'd hope it would be a bit more interesting to folks than the sex aspect. And I think if there were a show out there which showed these poly families are human beings, Moms and Dads, good people, not trying to hurt anybody, with children who are NOT screwed up by having a unique family dynamic, that would go a long way to helping minimize the stigma we sometimes face.
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