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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Aug 16-31)

Welcome Elena... And I'm sorry for your lost. I remember you from somewhere... I was never active in s&s though. Maybe from atts/ ttc? Or some ddc? Regardless, I'm happy to see you here. And those first couple weeks are some of the hardest in my opinion. I was completely numb and I def had some bad days where I wished it wasn't happening.

And afm... finally got my nt scan results back. It only took 3 weeks. No big deal. Good news though everything is perfect. And it's practically time for my next scan already (9/4) and we can find out gender. We're probs going to do a gender reveal cake with my family in the US since we're going in early September to visit and they won't be here for the birth or any of the pregnancy so I thought it would help them feel more included and me a little less sad about living so far away.

Also for the doppler question on the previous thread... I also have a sonoline b 3mhz. I got it from here for $50. It's my bff. I found the hb by 9w4d and have never not found it since. I check in one or twice a week or when I'm feeling unsure. It's so reassuring. And it keeps me sane in my most insane moments.
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