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Re: Mirena-would you keep it? Update post#12

Originally Posted by hpfgirl View Post
Does anyone have good experience with this thing? I have mine on order, but haven't received/installed it yet.
I've had two (one before TTC my DS and one several months after) and loved them. I did have a problem with my second one though, but it wasn't really due to the Mirena. I had endometritis after DS was born and my uterus was enlarged when I got the Mirena put in (7 months after he was born). The doctor thought my uterus was just unusually large and was going to stay that big but it turns out that it did eventually shrink down and my Mirena moved and became partially expelled. The strings were gone, so my cervix had to be numbed and the ob/gyn used an instrument to reach up and grab it. Luckily it was easily reachable since it was already part way in my cervix.

Anyway, I had the first Mirena for 3 years and had no periods and no side effects and loved it. I have PCOS and get terrible cramps with periods, so it was awesome to not have them. I had the second Mirena for about 4 months before I noticed the strings were missing. I had no periods or side effects until the strings disappeared though (then I had spotting and some cramping because it had moved). I would still recommend it since my issue was caused by my unruly uterus
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