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Re: Please help, How to pay someone in my home? Childcare.

Our nanny (before our son started school) had 2 kids/one in school, and the baby(who grew into toddler/preschool, she was with us from his birth to age 6)

We paid her 10-11$ an hour, 2-3 days a week (5 days in 2 weeks) she frequently worked from about 8:30-6:30, give or take. So $500 every two weeks, sometimes closer to $600 if she stayed longer/worked Sat hours. She made about $1100/month
She drove 1.3 hour round trip to pick up our daughter from private school for 2 years one the days she was here. The other 4 years, we did public and had the school bus. We did not pay gas/mileage, but when her car broke down, we bought her another used one. She did take another child from the private school home, and that moma happily reimbursed for gas.

She earned every darned penny of it, and was worth far more than we were able to pay her. Our son was a handful! I basically split my take home earnings with her.

We still see her regularly, and she is like family. I may have to work more hours soon, and if I do, she has already said she will come back, and our son is hugely attached, and begs for her.
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