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Not me personally, but a friend of mine had an rh- baby first pregnancy. She had a massive hemorrhage with that delivery (homebirth) and her midwives discouraged the shot bc they don't believe in vaccines. Fast forward to baby #2, she has severe issues as a result of having the antibodies. Baby is born prematurely and spends weeks in the nicu, almost doesn't make it.

I'd say with your partner being rh- you just have to take things one pregnancy at a time. Take all the tests and get your information from people who actually know what they're talking about. (AKA - a homebirth midwife with philosophical reservations about vaccines has ZERO merit in my book when it comes to understanding the actual risks).
If you end up with one baby who is rh-, then handle it when it comes, but don't shut out any tests or information that will help you make decisions about future kids.

My friends complications are a direct result of her midwife's gross negligence in discouraging the proper care.
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