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Enfamil Toddler vs. Enfamil older toddler

I know this is annoyingly specific, but perhaps one of you will know.. DS gets a few sippies of formula a day (he doesn't like whole milk so we can't do that, and he needs an iron supplement, which I mix with the formula). Also sometimes I don't feel like nursing because he is not that gentle anymore

Anyway. We have been buying the Older Toddler but I just noticed the Toddler is cheaper.. if you have tried both for your kid(s) do they taste about the same? Will your kid(s) take both of them? He will accept either the vanilla or milk flavored of the Older Toddler. Specifically I'm wondering if the plain Toddler kind has that metallic infant formula-y taste, because if it does he will definitely not drink it.

Thanks in advance
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