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Re: Rh- with positive antibody screen pp...

Originally Posted by eliz7 View Post
This is confusing. Only rh- moms who have rh+ babies are at risk. If your friend is rh+ she would not be a candidate for rhogam which is the shot rh- women get during pregnancy and pp. Rh+ women can have as many rh- babies as they want without any negative effects.
This. If her baby was rh - she would NOT need the rhogam shot, even if the mama was rh- (and if she were rh+ she would never need one).

OP- I was under the impression that the 28 week shot was for such cases as yours, to prevent problems with rh factor (I'm rh- myself, and spoke with my doctor about rh factor my first appt. this pregnancy).
If you would like more children, I would speak with a doctor about the risks.
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